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Pacific Whale Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1980 to save whales from extinction. Our mission is to protect our oceans through science and advocacy. We are an international organization, with ongoing research studies in Hawaii, Australia, and Ecuador, and are active participants in global efforts to address threats to whales and other marine life.

A pioneer in non-invasive whale research, Pacific Whale Foundation was an early leader in educating the public, from a scientific perspective, about whales and the need for ocean conservation.

Now celebrating 35 years as an nonprofit organization, Pacific Whale Foundation conducts humpback whale research in Hawaii, Ecuador and Australia as well as studies of dolphins and toothed whales in Hawaii.

Our award-winning eco-cruises are based on more than three decades of marine research and ecotourism experience. We earn high ratings by guidebooks, travel sites and travel writers. We also provide private charters and wedding cruises.

Join us for a truly unique, educational and fun day out on the water. The best part is that 100% of the profits go to supporting our research, education and conservation programs on behalf of whales, dolphins and the ocean environment.

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Pacific Whale Foundation Retail Store

One of two of our retail store locations featuring ocean-themed, eco-friendly, educational and unique products. You can also book an eco-cruise or purchase or rent underwater photography and snorkeling equipment. Take home a special souvenir and help support our mission to protect our oceans through science and advocacy. All profits help save our oceans.

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